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A Healthy Life Is Within Reach

Meet Our Provider

Licensed Professional Counselor & Clinical Expert

Rashida Pittman is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Virginia, Missouri, and Indiana. She has been providing therapeutic services to children, adolescents, adults, and families for approximately seven years. She began providing therapeutic services in Newport News, Virginia, in 2016, after graduating from Hampton University. She resides in the state of Missouri, where she provides Telehealth services to residents in all three states.


The Journey Towards Wholeness Begins on the Path of Awareness. Begin Your Journey Today.

“I was originally reluctance with counseling, but knew I needed help with balancing life’s issues. I struggled with my past, self care, my marriage, parenting and working full time. I did some research and decided to take some initial personal sessions with Rashida to see if they would help me. After about three sessions, I was so enthusiastic about working with her that I added marriage counseling sessions  and sessions for my children. Rashida makes you feel comfortable by combining a practical approach with her years of clinical experience. I would recommend Rashida to anyone who is ready to work through personal issues and make their lives better by applying practical strategies that work. The insight and strategies I learned have been life changing.”


44, Virginia

“Connecting with Rashida has been a true blessing.  Although, I’ve been in therapy and counseling on and off for many years, I have felt most safe and unjudged while under Rashida’s care. She has been instrumental in helping me develop realistic mental health goals. When I struggle and stress myself while striving for perfection, she has no problem with coaching me back to reality. She’s helped me to recognize the importance of setting and implementing boundaries. She’s allowed me to see that my challenges are not my identity and my “uniqueness” is not a flaw. I love her gentle but realistic approach. Her passion is evident and I’m grateful for her.”

- Ebony

39, Virginia

“I don’t know where I’d be mentally and spiritually right now if it wasn’t for Rashida. I found her by accident when she was working for her last counseling group, and we immediately hit it off. She understood what I was looking for, she has never judged even the parts of me that I judged myself, she’s imparted wisdom to me, and most importantly… she listened. She heard me for me; and that’s something almost no one has done for me in my life and that’s what I’ve needed the most. Thanks to Rashida’s time and care, my marriage has been put back on track when I thought it was impossible. I’m beginning to truly get to know ME, and LOVE ME. It’s still hard some days, I still struggle. But if Rashida hadn’t been there in my hours of need, I’d be a lot worse than what I am. I probably wouldn’t be in my wife and my two daughters lives now.”

- Douglas

25, Virginia


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